Pineywoods Children's Consignment Sale -
Sellers and Volunteers get to shop before the public so be sure and check-in and pick up your seller/volunteer pass when you bring your items or work your volunteer shift.  

Past sellers must Register!!  Seller numbers stay the same for each sale, so past sellers are already set up with their past seller number.  To retrieve your info, click above to go to the Registration/Login portal.  Then click Forgot Your Consignor number or password to retrieve your seller login info.  You will receive an email with your username, password, and seller number. 
Please let us know if you have trouble getting logged in. 

New Sellers can register by clicking on Register/Login above.  When you get to the registration/login portal, click Need a Consignor Number.  You will get set up as a new consignor with a seller number and you can proceed with ordering your barcodes. 

Consignors' Shopping Party:
Wed night Sept 17th 7-9 pm

Volunteer Shopping Party:
Wed night Sept 17th  5 pm-7 pm
Important Dates and Times:
Item drop off
Monday Sept 15th 2 pm-7 pm
Tuesday Sept 16th 10 am-7 pm
Preview Parties
Volunteers shop Wednesday 
Sept 17th 5 pm-7 pm
Sellers shop Wednesday
Sept 17th 7 pm-9 pm
Sale Dates and Times
Thursday Sept 18th 10 am-6 pm
Friday Sept 19th 10 am-6 pm
Saturday Sept 20th (1/2 price day) 8 am-3 pm

During the sale, only the front entrance (on South 1st Street next to Blythe Boutique) will be open.  Both doors will be open during drop off, but plan on using the front door only for shopping.  
Item Pick Up
Saturday Sept 20th  4 pm - 6 pm
Any items not picked up by 6 pm will be donated to the Foster Family Resource Room at Harmony Hill.  It is your responsability to pick up your items. 
A small $7.00 Consignor fee will be deducted from your check at the end of the sale. 
Seasonal items
The sale is held twice a year.  Once in the fall and once in the spring.  Only the upcoming seasonal clothing can be sold.  We do not have rack space for off-season things.  Jeans, tshirts, and uniforms can be sold year round due to Texas hot weather. 
Consignor Information
What can I sell at the PCC Sale?
  • Any gently used or new baby or children's clothing, toys, baby equipment, outdoor play equipment, books, movies (G, PG only), shoes, etc.
  • Any gently used or new maternity clothing or nursery items.
  • Breast pumps need to be in working order with all parts and accessories. Boppy pillows, slings, Baby B'Jorn, diaper bags, nursery decor, cribs, crib bedding, crib matresses, changing tables/pads, bassinets, playpens, bouncy chairs, exersaucers, etc.
  • Swings, bathtubs, high chairs, potty chairs (MUST be CLEANED)
  • All toys that are battery operated need to be in working order with batteries.
  • Outdoor play equipment, bicycles, tricycles, chairs, tables, etc. need to be wiped down and free of dirt and spider webs.
  • Anything baby or children related is accepted as long as it is in good working order and GENTLY USED or NEW. Bring only things that you would buy for your own children...we will turn away anything that is not of "Gently used" or "new" quality.
What CAN'T be sold at PCC Sale:
  • Anything stained, ripped, torn, with holes or missing buttons. Please only bring your best. Damaged items will NOT pass inspection and you will have to take it back home.
  • Anything faded, worn out, out of style.
  • Anything on the Government Recall List. Check to compare your items with the recall list.
  • Stuffed animals
  • Underwear
  • Fast food toys
  • Any item that cannot bring at least $2.00
  • Carseats, Car booster seats, carriers (unless they come with stroller travel systems). We will check the expiration date on any infant carriers, if they are within 1 year of expiration you cannot sell it.
  • Opened/Used nipples or pacifiers
  • Any movie or video rated PG-13 or R
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