Pineywoods Children's Consignment Sale -
Tagging Your Items
Items you will need: 
3 X 5 index cards
Avery Address labels size 1" x 2&5/8" (48860, 48260, 8160, 5160, or similar) 
large safety pins 
Gallon sized Ziploc bags
 Clear packing tape 
your printed barcode labels.
Sellers get 70% of their sales.  Keep 70% in mind when pricing your items and price them to sell. A small $7 seller fee is deducted at the end of the sale and checks are mailed out 2 weeks after the sale.  

Printing Barcodes:  
1.  Login/Register to the Spring PCC Sale by clicking on Register/Login on the homepage or the registration page.  If you have trouble logging in call 936-554-0597 or email

2.  Then on the left, click on Order Barcode Labels.
3.  The next screen that comes up will let you type in how many labels you want with each price.  For example, you can order 50 labels with a $4.00 price, 30 labels with a $3.50 price, 62 labels with a 5.00 price, etc.  Don't stress about getting the exact number of labels ordered.  Go ahead and print several sheets of each price you think you will need.  It's great to have some extra labels printed and ready to go for those last minute items you need to tag.  For can print 3 sheets of $2.00 labels, 3 sheets of $3.00 labels, 4 sheets of $3.50 labels, etc.  Any extras you have can be used for the next sale.  Your seller info will stay the same so any extra labels you print can be used later.  

4.  You can also decide if you want your items to go half-price on Sat by selecting YES under 'Allow Discount'.  We strongly recommend allowing your items to go half-price on Sat to increase your sales and decrease the number of items left after the sale for you to pick up or donate.  

5.  Place your Avery address labels in the printer and click 'order labels'.  The barcodes will print on the labels and you can stick the appropriately priced label to each item.  After printing, look through the pages and be sure the print quality was good.  If the barcode has gaps, marks through the code, or is running 'off the page' then try reprinting. The barcode has to be clearly readable by the scanners and fully on the label.   
 Your cards need a description of the item, size, and a Barcode Label (the barcode has your seller number, price, and half-off info).  

Tags need to be pinned securely to the item. 
If it's clothes, make sure it won't fall off the hanger, pin it to hanger if needed.  Pants need to be pinned to TOP of hanger so they don't slide around.   Hanger needs to point to the left (like a question mark) and tag needs to be on the right.  
We suggest starting at 1/4 of the original price of the item.  Remember that outfits sell better (ex. Gap pants paired with The Children's Place shirt).  We will be happy to help you price your larger items (strollers, furniture, walkers, etc.) if you are unsure of what price to place on it.  Just contact us with any and all questions.  We can be found through email and on facebook. 
Price competitively!!  If you over-price your items, be prepared to come pick them up after the sell or donate them.  Brand-name is important when pricing. 
Each item must sell for at least $2.00  If an item cannot bring at least $2.00 on its own, pair it with something that will bring it up to the $2.00 limit. 
Shoes should be placed in clear, Ziploc type bags. 
Please tape the bag closed along the opening so shoes don't 'walk off'.  Make sure your shoes are clean.
Items that are too large to fit in a bag need to have a tag securely taped or pinned to the front of the item. 
Only children/family movies that are rated G, PG
Batteries need to work in items that need them.  We can't sell something for you that doesn't work or might appear broken.  Clean your items of all stains, cobwebs, spiderwebs.  Furniture must be assembled.  
Attach any assessories securely to the toy in ziploc bags. 
If items are separated we might not know what they go to.  Please use heavy duty tape that will hold.
 PLEASE contact us if you have any questions.
We would love to help in any way we can!!

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